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Brands we've worked with:

Brands we've worked with:

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Who is Derral Eves?

Derral Eves is a video marketing expert, coach, and speaker. He consults with some of the biggest YouTubers in the world on audience development and data-driven strategies.
He has helped generate more than 84 billion views on YouTube and helped 32 channels get their Gold Play Button.


Industry Achievements 

Derral Eves is Executive Producer of The Chosen, the #1 highest crowdfunded tv/film project in history. Derral’s expertise in Audience Development helped the project find its loyal community - people organically shared the project’s message.

Work with Derral

Derral wants to help, whether that's in a 1-on-1 setting or in an exclusive 
group of people just like you. Here are your options:

Consultation with Derral's Team

Meet with one of Derral's Team Members for a 1-on-1 Consultation. Derral's Team Members run and oversee multiple YouTube channels. They're grinding and building successful channels across YouTube. The Team Members eat, sleep, and breathe all things Derral has taught.

Consultation with Derral Eves

You can have Derral’s undivided attention during a 1-on-1 Consultation. Derral sees things creators and businesses just can’t see on their own, and he gives actionable advice so you can get yourself out of The Rut and onto the Suggested Feed.

12-Week Program: Channel JumpStart w/ Action Plan

Channel Jumpstart is Derral’s group mentoring program. It’s 12 weeks of intense training guided by Derral and led by his best coaches. It’s a time & energy commitment, but if you’re serious about launching your channel to the next level, go all in here. And once you’re a “JumpStarter,” you’ll have access to the content and the perks for life. 

The Results Speak for Themselves...

The proof is in the data. Derral's clients 
consistently see data that shows:
  • Massive Subscriber Growth
  • Huge Increase in Unique Viewers
  • More Revenue Month over Month


"Thought everyone might be interested to see how my channel has done in the past month since I finished Derral's consultation!"

Example Data From Derral's Clients

Do you know how to read your data and, more importantly, DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT?
Derral can help you become your own ANALYTICS PRO:

Are You Ready to Crush Your Goals?

Even if you are already creating great content, there is often ONE THING that is preventing you from reaching your viewer and subscriber goals.
Derral can explain algorithms and audiences in a way that is easy to understand. He prides himself on educating creators and companies to understand their own data and viewers so they have the tools to crush their own goals moving forward.
If you knew the correct steps to massively grow your channel, would you start today?

The Results May Speak for Themselves...
But the People Speak Volumes, Too: 


"Creators often ask me what I got out of Derral's system. I always tell them going through Channel JumpStart is like writing an owners' manual for your own YouTube channel."


"We started with Derral at 500K subscribers and in less than a year we hit 1.2 Million Subscribers all because of his little gems. We can't wait to see where we'll be in another year!"


"With Derral's Help. I gained over 40k subscribers in one month. My previous best was 15k. This has changed my business plan completely!"


"We thought our channel had unique things about it that might not fit a 'generic' program, but Derral teaches principles that are universal, and they WORK."


"My channel was doing well … then it stopped. I thought YouTube was against me. I started working with Derral, and he made my channel do a 180. Now I’m passionate about my content and I see my audience get excited about it, too."


"I wish I had had Derral's guidance when I first started. He explains what everyone else doesn't understand. Derral has CRACKED THE CODE!"

What Can You Expect?

With Derral as a mentor, creators & businesses have seen big results that stick. Derral can teach you how to create sustainable results like this, too. 

You want more than viewers. Your goal should be to build a loyal community that loves your content. When you can turn “Viewers” into “Community,” you’ll see your numbers rise and stay there. 

Naturally, when your Viewers become your Community and your numbers rise, the revenue will follow. And in more than just AdSense: you’ll find there are diverse ways to make money with your loyal viewership because people will follow your CTA when they love you.

Get Results

Creators and businesses have repeatedly experienced amazing results from Derral's guidance. The proof is in the data!

Build A Community

When you turn Viewers into a loyal Community,  you’ll see your numbers 
rise and stay there. 

Increase Revenue

There are diverse ways to make money with your loyal viewership. AdSense is just the beginning!

Derral's Team

Juston Smith - President of Creatus & Channel JumpStart Head Coach

Juston oversees all YouTube channel partnerships with Creatus. He leads multiple channels, reviewing their content strategies to build an organic audience, and promoting maximum growth by making calculated adjustments to the algorithm. In addition to managing these partnerships, Juston is also Head Coach of Derral’s mentoring program, Channel JumpStart. As Head Coach, he guides weekly training calls for high-level students while also leading each new group of students.

More Testimonials

Hear from more incredible people Derral has had the pleasure of working with:

Chevy Dude

"Derral screws with your head, but in a good way. You’re thinking one way and Derral comes in and says, ‘No, you’ve got to do it this way,’ … and he’s right.”

AK Fallible

"I've been through a lot of mentors and coaches, and most of it is crap. Then I worked with Derral and got the help I always wanted. If you're serious about YouTube, then you really need Derral.”

Liz Germain

“Derral has blown my mind wide open from the way I was doing YouTube for 8 years. I wish I had found him sooner -- He would have saved me so much time & headache, and probably would have made me so much more money.”

Kristina Smallhorn

“My small channel has grown exponentially because of Derral Eves and Channel JumpStart. I get to collaborate with some of the greatest minds on YouTube, and nobody makes you feel lesser because your channel is smaller than theirs.”

Owen Hemsath

"Derral has worked with beginners all the way up to the best of the best YouTubers, so imagine taking a guy with that kind of track record and integrity and putting him behind your channel. That puts you in a place of really promising growth that you can’t cheat yourself out of. If you’re on the fence, I have two words for you: Derral Eves.”

Anthony Ambriz

“I’m a YouTube coach and strategist. I knew I needed to join Channel JumpStart to continue to learn as much as I can about YouTube to help my own channel and clients, because I’ve been following Derral for years and he’s never let me down.”


What Are You Waiting For?

Derral’s career passion and personal mission is to help individuals, brands, and businesses make a positive impact in the world. WHAT KIND OF IMPACT DO YOU WANT TO MAKE?
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